Do you have a business and are you thinking that its time to grow?
Are you wondering how much it cost mass production in an emerging country?
Before to make a big investment you would like to know better the environment.
Do you need to meet people for making business and you don’t know them?

Global Market, it’s a company founding in Colombia, we have operations in main cities, Bogotá, Medellín, and Bucaramanga, our job is about linking business regularly outside of Colombia with local business.
The main purpose, it’s to let the business know before making a big investment in all the possibilities and cost that it could be to launch a new idea.
We give the appropriate knowledge that let you minimize the risk and make the right decision.
We got different levels of support including; Reference Contacts, Addresses, Prices, Quantities, Qualities, Delivery times and others kind of requirements up to each business.

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Once the deal is done between the Businessman and the Maquila the company service is complete.

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